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Julian Fulton is an American songwriter & musician from New Jersey.


Fulton can be seen solo or with The Zombie Gospel, his backing band composed of rotating members. Julian Fulton has graced the stages of historic venues and major music festivals, sharing festival lineups with bands like Father John Misty, Bruno Mars, Weezer, and The Avett Brothers.


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"Julian Fulton has the kind of voice that can bend and mould to almost any instrumentation. It doesn’t lose its urgency though; instead it finds its place through clever inflection that allows a forthright execution that’s candid but confident...[producing] both poignant and peppy tracks that despite their differences, find themselves at home through Fulton’s ability to express a story with ease." -GoldFlakePaint


"The New Jersey songwriter and multi-instrumentalist takes an admirably creative approach to his music, incorporating multiple musical styles into a very unique and easily identifiable brand of indie rock... In an increasingly homogenous musical landscape, Fulton somehow makes it look easy to be original." -Atwood Magazine


"Dynamic songwriting... [A] sharp dose of indie afrobeat psych rock." -The Wild Honey Pie


"Imaginative and whimsical, New Jersey's Julian Fulton plays a brand of DIY pop that flirts with the classics of psychedelia, while bringing his own voice, stories and production to the picture. A picture that's as multifaceted as it's enjoyable." -The Deli Magazine


"Rock and roll may have changed over the decades, but groups like Julian Fulton and the Zombie Gospel are keeping it alive and well." -AXS


"What I like most about Jersey Shore singer-songwriter Julian Fulton is his fearlessness."


"[Julian's music is an] amazing amalgam of sounds — drawing from the deep well of indie and alt rock while sprinkling some psych and shoegaze in there. It’s just a wonderful sonic tapestry that Fulton weaves in each song, and his lyrical work is just as strong and engrossing." -The Pop Break

"Catchy, lyrically deft indie-rock." -Impose Magazine

"These are the types of sounds — that blend of Spoon, Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend — that transcend bands like this past parking lot parties and into the grassy goodness of The Coachella Festival." -The Trentonian

"The songwriting is melodic, beautiful, and moving, and the DIY production remains gorgeously lush throughout. I  was a fan before; now I'm impressed." -The Jersey Beat

"Fulton is one of the most genuine songwriters working today." -You Don't Know Jersey

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