"Julian Fulton has the kind of voice that can bend and mould to almost any instrumentation. It doesn’t lose its urgency though; instead it finds its place through clever inflection that allows a forthright execution that’s candid but confident...[producing] both poignant and peppy tracks that despite their differences, find themselves at home through Fulton’s ability to express a story with ease." -GoldFlakePaint


"The New Jersey songwriter and multi-instrumentalist takes an admirably creative approach to his music, incorporating multiple musical styles into a very unique and easily identifiable brand of indie rock... In an increasingly homogenous musical landscape, Fulton somehow makes it look easy to be original." -Atwood Magazine


"Dynamic songwriting... [A] sharp dose of indie afrobeat psych rock." -The Wild Honey Pie


"Imaginative and whimsical, New Jersey's Julian Fulton plays a brand of DIY pop that flirts with the classics of psychedelia, while bringing his own voice, stories and production to the picture. A picture that's as multifaceted as it's enjoyable." -The Deli Magazine


"Rock and roll may have changed over the decades, but groups like Julian Fulton and the Zombie Gospel are keeping it alive and well." -AXS


"What I like most about Jersey Shore singer-songwriter Julian Fulton is his fearlessness"


"[Julian's music is an] amazing amalgam of sounds — drawing from the deep well of indie and alt rock while sprinkling some psych and shoegaze in there. It’s just a wonderful sonic tapestry that Fulton weaves in each song, and his lyrical work is just as strong and engrossing." - The Pop Break

"Catchy, lyrically deft indie-rock." -Impose Magazine

"These are the types of sounds — that blend of Spoon, Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend — that transcend bands like this past parking lot parties and into the grassy goodness of The Coachella Festival." -The Trentonian

"The songwriting is melodic, beautiful, and moving, and the DIY production remains gorgeously lush throughout. I  was a fan before; now I'm impressed." -The Jersey Beat

"Fulton is one of the most genuine songwriters working today." -You Don't Know Jersey

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